Thursday, March 22, 2012

Johan Freeses David

I really enjoy turning David Freese's name into puns and will continue to do so. And if we want to be all "logical" about it, Johan didn't "freese" David, since David Freese swung through a Johan Santana change-up twice, and twice lost his bat. I wish I could put up the video I saw on SNY's Sportsnite, but I can't. It was awesomeness. Johan Santana is awesomeness incarnate, and we all hope for his continuing health. The southpaw kept up the march to opening day, pitching 6 innings, giving up 6 singles, and only 1 run in 69 pitches, 49 of those for strikes. Awesomeness. Great storyline of the spring. The Mets B line-up lost to the Cards 1-2, although Jordany Valdespin homered in the 9th inning, a prospect whom the Mets will try in center field on Friday due to Andres Torres' calf strain (along with some others).

Unfortunately, the injury bug also struck one of our youngsters, Zack Wheeler, who sprained his ankle climbing up the stairs. GAAAAAAH!!! It sounds like he will only miss one start, so that's not terrible. We need him to keep developing so he can help us as soon as possible, maybe even September. That would be cool.

The game was not televised, so outside of Johan, I have nothing really to say, so let's just watch some 2011 highlights from The Duda.

Lucas. Duda.

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