Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Baseball!

I’ve got boxes that need unpacking. I’ve got shirts that need some hanging.

But tonight at 6, there’s nothing but baseball in my eyes.

There’s been an entire offseason focused on what the Mets DON’T have.

Whether it be bills of green.

Or Talent.

And how they each have to do with the other.

But tonight at six, there’s nothing but baseball on my mind.

Tonight at six, there’ll be slurves and curves.

Fastballs and change-ups.

The pop of the catcher’s mitt.

The crack of the Hillerich & Bradsby’s.

An outfielder graciously running down a long drive.

An infielder snagging that up-the-middle-sure-to-be-single.

It’s all back tonight.

The ever-fluid motions of baseball will play out in front of us in the form of Mets vs. Nationals tonight. It’s nice to sit back and watch a game for nothing but the over-analysis of each player, prospect or veteran, and when/how they will help the Orange and Blue.

Soon, we will all care about the outcome of each game.

But for now…

Let’s sit back and relax.

And watch baseball take its place.

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