Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Right Thing Done Right

The Mets have gotten so many things wrong over the last 10 years, I actually questioned (As Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing can attest to) whether or not The Mets would wear Number 8 on their sleeves this year (and this coming from somebody, as you have seen since my first post, is filled with optimism.) He assured me they would do the right thing, referencing other times in mourning over the last 10 years they have worn the number of the deceased family member on their sleeves.

When The Mets released the above image yesterday, it was more than just a bittersweet moment. Just wearing number 8 would have sufficed, but writing "Kid 8" in a silhouetted home plate is truly the Right Thing Done Right in memory of Gary Carter.

It is amazing that The Mets have trained me to automatically think they are not going to "get it." I look forward to the day when my first thought in matters such as these isn't filled with cynicism. The team shows me more and more every day that they "get it."

You know, except for that whole chopper thing.

(Which isn't actually such a big deal.)

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