Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Mets Fan Incarnate

There is no way I could, in my current state of writing, wax as poetically about The New York Mets as Greg Prince of Faith and Fear. And if you haven't read his newest piece, Tick...Tick...Tick..., then you are quite possibly missing what it is to be a Mets fan.

A good amount of you read or have read Faith and Fear (in a little town called Flushing), since Greg was awesome enough to grace his pages with my link all the way back in February. I shouldn't just thank him- I should buy his season tickets (not quite yet though, Greg.)*

If I could be half the writer Greg is, I'd be a pretty damn good one. If any of us could be half the fan Greg is, we also would be pretty damn good. Having been born himself in '62, he grabbed a transistor radio from the doctor monitoring the game the second he got out of his mother's womb. I believe there is a bigger Mets fan than Greg less than I believe The 2012 New York Mets will win the World Championship.

This has been a testing week; An Amazin' Week, if you will, but in a season of so many sweets, why not have the sickening for 7 days? For those of us who weren't around to see 1962 in the flesh, we've just had a front row seat, as Greg points out. And doesn't that just make us more the Mets Fan? 

It is trying. 

But damn is the sweetness wonderful.


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*Of course, one must as well thank Matt Cerrone of Mets Blog and Ted Berg of Tedquarters for linking up as the blog built up. We will discuss season tickets, however, at a later monetary date.

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