Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yeah. THAT Just Happened.

So many people have had so many things to say about the events that have unfolded in the New York Mets universe the last 12 hours. The thrill is so grand that I want to keep it going. To have witnessed that live is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had as a human being.

(Yo, Ballpark operator friend from Camp: Serious props on the hook-up for tickets to this game. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. This experience is mind-blowing. Thanks, man.)

So much more has to be written to tell my very own story of the night of the No-han, but on this Saturday morning, after the greatest pitched game in New York Metropolitan history, the only thing I can say is thanks. Thanks to all those players out there on this unbelievable squad for making it possible to see for myself the First No-Hitter in Mets History. I have been to many games in my lifetime. World Series games, playoff games, heavy-handed regular season games, but this tops all of them. Never had I seen a no-hitter, or really gotten one that far passed the 7th inning, I think (LET ALONE THE 1ST NO-HITTER IN METS HISTORY!!!) This is easily, up to this point, the greatest single game I have ever been to. And I have nobody else to thank other than the people I shared it with and the 2012 New York Mets. I can believe in anything now.

Ya Gotta Believe has never been more on.

Mets. Cards. 4:10PM. Lance Lynn (STL) 8-1, 2.54 ERA vs. R.A. Dickey (NYM) 7-1, 3.06 ERA.


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