Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Baseball...

'Twas the night before Baseball
And all through the town
Many fan lay excited
To have the game back around.

The seat are all shiny
The walls painted blue
We are all anticipating
What our Metropolitans will do.

Most think there is no hope
Most say these Mets won't do
But I say give them a chance
And the Mets might just come through.

It is a very long season
And there are plenty of signs
That things have changed for the better
These Mets are on the rise.

I continue to be cliché
I keep saying "You never know."
But the fact is that it's true
There is nothing set in stone.

So head on out to Flushing, folks.
Come on out to see the show
The dirt will be nicely watered
The grass will be freshly mowed.

I am very excited
For my first opening day
I have missed the game this winter
Waiting for the time to say,

"Take me out to the ball game!"
I jump and shout with glee
But there's a man who shouts it better than I
Take it away, Jerry Lee.


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